Identity-led graphic design.
From the roots out.
Your values, my vision.

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Alex Blak BLAK SALT logotype


Branding a creative studio that seeds holistic solutions

Alex Blak pink Picture Show graphic design apparel logo

Theories of Atlantis

Brooklyn-based skateboarding threads and visuals

Alex Blak Village Psychic Magazine editorial design no. 3 logo

Village Psychic Magazine No. 3

The online skate wizards who believe in the power of print

Alex Blak skate.this app design wild posting


Documenting the (maybe) skateable spots in your hometown

Alex Blak DeKalb motion campaign video mobile home screen


Brutalist typography in motion, sound, and vision

Alex Blak Maggie Shannon Emma Young Swamp Yankee book cover

Swamp Yankee

Spiral-bound and sharply gridded book design

Alex Blak nita website homepage


A lighting and jewelry brand inspired by elemental truths

Alex Blak Brooklyn Magazine Noah Baumbach cover

Brooklyn Magazine

Curating New York's most disruptive borough

Alex Blak 43 Magazine no. 3 subway ollie spread

43 Magazine

The photography book that elevated city skateboarding

Alex Blak WSJ. Magazine December 2011 typography zoom

WSJ. (The Wall Street Journal) Magazine

International tastemakers served monthly